The Holy Translators Church
Ongoing Project

The Holy Translators Church

The presence of a church at the Ayb Learning Hub symbolizes the existential relationship between knowledge and moral values. A testimony to the Armenian spiritual legacy, the church aims to promote a moral generation and to secure the spiritual future of the Armenian people. For centuries, the Armenian Church and School worked hand in hand, ensuring the spiritual and national unity of our people and cultivating creative harmony between knowledge and values. The Ayb Learning Hub strives to become an environment linking the past with the future: where history is a spiritual presence and the future is a creative aspiration.

The movement launched by our Holy Translators – St. Mesrop, St. Sahak and their disciples – has been a most illustrative example and a source of inspiration for the Ayb Community, and thus the Church symbolizes the people on the written heritage of which the Armenian identity and spiritual awareness are anchored.


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