Ayb’s Military Sport Training Area available for all
Ayb’s Military Sport Training Area available for all
Ayb’s Military Sport Training Area available for all
Ongoing Project

Ayb’s Military Sport Training Area available for all

Unique Military Sports Training Area Equipped with Latest Technologies and Training Devices  

A competitive society that is ready to face challenges and embrace opportunities is the key to building a powerful country. A strong education system is the pillar of such a society. To make patriotism an absolute value, we have decided to create a military and sports training area on the territory of Ayb School and thus contribute to the development of a dynamic society and sound state system.  

By supporting our project, you will have a hand in: 

-        improving the practical component of the basic military training at the school,

-        helping students cope with different situations, face challenges, and develop safety skills,

-        helping students build up stamina, willpower, and team spirit,

-        promoting leadership and military-patriotic education.


Ayb’s Military Sports Training Area will have:

-        classroom-laboratory with a VR headset that creates real-time conditions for tactical maneuvers (fixed and movable targets, selection of different weather and light conditions, as well as mountainous, urban, or forest areas);

-        obstacle course that will be adapted to mountainous conditions and will have a zone of fire, trench, barbed wire, wall, and net;

-        sports area with all necessary conditions for physical training (chin-up bars, parallel bars, horizontal ladders, Swedish ladder, press machines, etc.).  


The Power of Your Investment 

o   The Military Sports Training Area will be open for students of public schools and all those who wish to hone military knowledge and skills. 

o   Experienced military specialists and Ayb School alums who served in the army will act as trainers. Thus, the collaboration between Ayb generations and the establishment of close ties will contribute to boosting the community's potential. 

o   At Ayb’s Military Sports Training Area, we will create a variety of video lessons that will be available to a wide audience.

By joining the strong-knit Ayb community, you join a potent force capable to change the future of our nation and our homeland.  

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