Ongoing Project

Support Khan Academy Armenia

Today more than ever, quality online educational solutions have become particularly important in Armenia where the choice of high-level educational platforms in the Armenian language is relatively small.

During the pandemic days, Khan Academy Armenia of Ayb Educational Foundation has become one of the most demanded platforms for distance education with about 29,200 users.

Numerous math resources for basic and middle school students have been made available on Khan Academy Armenia’s platform.

Ahead of the new academic year, we plan to expand our resources for high school students, so we are looking for partners willing to join us for both short- and long-term cooperation.

By the beginning of the new academic year, we aim to make another series of 100 exercises available for high school. In a long-term perspective, we intend to make higher mathematics resources available for university students as well.

Together we can make the new content of Math be available for our children upon earliest possibility.