Ongoing Project

Remote learning via Khan Academy Armenia

Khan Academy online platform is free and accessible to everyone, irrespective of one’s social status or place of residence. Across the platform, online education is organized through videos, educational materials and exercises, which makes it possible to self-study and reinforce one’s knowledge of different subjects, such as Mathematics, Computer Science and Programming, Arts, Finances and Capital Market, Entrepreneurship, Education, Natural Sciences and many more. The game elements of the platform make the educational process even more engaging.

Besides, Khan Academy offers study materials that enable learners of all age groups to self-study and achieve success. By introducing Khan Academy in their class, the teachers significantly improve the learning results of their students. It enables the teachers to find the best teaching model and to allot time for student support and motivation.

We continuously support the localization and promotion of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) on Khan Academy Armenia platform.