Ongoing Project

27 workshops for the border communities of Tavush

Khan Academy believes education is the key to human potential; it pursues a clear mission to make quality global education accessible to everyone and everywhere.

Khan Academy offers exercises, educational videos, and an individual learning platform to plan one’s own learning.

Armenia joined the program two years ago, enabling access to the platform for Armenian learners. On the Ayb Educational Foundation’s initiative, Khan Academy materials have been localized since 2017.

Support Khan Academy to make quality education accessible in the border communities of Tavush

Thanks to this initiative, 360 students of grades 5 to 8 from 19 border community schools in  Tavush will receive an opportunity to deepen their knowledge in mathematics, while 30 teachers will improve the quality of teaching through application of new materials and technologies. It is envisaged to conduct 27 workshops starting from October 11, in community schools of Aknaghbyur, Vazashen, Voskepar, Kirants, Dovegh, Ditavan, Berkaber, Barekamavan, Atcharkut, Lusadzor,  Lusahovit,  Jujevan,  Chinari, Aygepar, N. Karmiraghbyur, Varagavan, Chinchin, N. Tsaghkavan, Itsakar of Tavush Marz.

Our young and motivated team will visit the border communities in Tavush Marz, to teach 360 schoolchildren from the most vulnerable villages to assimilate all-round mathematical knowledge via this free online educational platform. The program comprises a teacher training component as well. The team has already localized seven sections in the Armenian language (2800 videos and 12,000 exercises/articles), where mathematics, the largest section, is selected as a priority for this stage.  We organize online education through videos, enabling to study, self-train and consolidate one’s knowledge with the help of educational materials and exercises, making learning more fun via involvement of game elements.

Quality educational resources are not accessible for most learners in Tavush Marz, or there is a lack of awareness about them. Our platform will help to mend the gap online and for free, particularly since the Internet is available nearly to everyone today.  

Make your essential contribution to bring this program to life! Our team needs AMD 1 mln to organize the training and involve trainers, print informational and educational materials, as well as encourage the winners of the educational competitions to be organized within the scope of the program. Tavush Marz Municipality will cover the transportation costs.

We are sure that with the participation and support from each and every one of you, it will be possible to not only strengthen the schools in the border communities but also make the children studying there more competitive and responsive to the global trends, thus fortifying our frontline and the rear.

Help us strengthen the schools in Tavush!