Artak Oganesyan's Birthday
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Artak Oganesyan's Birthday

“I adore both receiving and giving gifts. On my birthday I would like to please myself, the Ayb School students, and you! Donate any amount of money to the Ayb Foundation by using the link below, and I will randomly select five lucky ones to give my paintings as a gift.”

December 27 is Artak Oganesyan's birthday. He is the Ayb Educational Foundation’s friend and benefactor. This year Artak has a special wish. He wants his friends to donate to the Scholarship Fund project of Ayb Foundation. Artak has also prepared a surprise.

How to make Artak happy?

  1. Click the "Donate" button after the text
  2. Enter your details and donation amount
  3. Confirm transfer
  4. Get satisfied with giving an important gift!